About Us

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High Performance YOUniversity opened its doors in the early part of 2012, however the dream of High Performance YOUniversity started over a decade ago.

Over 10 years ago Lance Koberlein and Dawn Legge were driving home from a day ski trip. Traffic was particularly heavy so the normal hour and a half drive turned into a 4 hour adventure. Lance and Dawn are both entrepreneurs and live in a world of sales so their conversations are always a series of brainstorming sessions with new bigger visions. They started talking about the tools they use daily in communication and in sales and started comparing notes. The conversation was wide ranging but inevitably led down the path of Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP. See, they had each studied NLP and used it in business and sales. They both knew they had the most powerful tools in their pocket for communication and sales. They wondered why no one else was talking about or using these tools. After years of simply asking people what tools they use and why, Lance and Dawn came to the understanding that people were simply using old tools because no one had taught them anything new.

The idea of a resource center for business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders was born. Over the last decade Lance and Dawn have been creating the vision of a place where people can go to learn High Performance Tools. High Performance Tools give people the ability to live at a bigger level. Tools for a High Performance YOU! This simple idea is the basis for,

High Performance YOUniversity

Our Values:

  • Relationships entail connecting and truly deep connections come from caring, curiosity, and compassion.
  • Giving and being of service benefits everyone and everything.
  • Gain always follows giving but allow the universe to surprise you with the form: emotional, spiritual, personal, or financial.
  • Growth is the purpose of life. Strive for balanced growth in all areas of life.
Our Key Players

Dr. Lance Koberlein

...an entrepreneur, IT consultant (27+ years), NLP Trainer, Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnotherapy, Master Coach, ordained minister, husband and father. A member of the BPO ELKs and Toastmasters, holding a Bachelor of Science in both Physics and Mathematics, PhD in Religion, and an Infinite Possibilities trainer...

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Dawn Legge, MP

...opened her first business right out of high school and has owned and operated dozens of businesses over the last 18 years. Her innate gift for working with people and providing solutions granted her years of success in sales and marketing. Dawn has a proven track record for breaking into new industries, dominating her market and achieving results. Her interest in human psychology and behavior gave her an edge over anyone else...

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Terri Anderson Wilber

...a facilitator, corporate trainer, consultant and coach. She calls herself an “Implementation and Manifestation Specialist.” She is passionate about the personal & professional growth industry and ensures her clients are advantaged by her 15+ years of knowledge and experience in that arena, supporting them in implementing an action plan toward a goal/dream and then manifesting that goal/dream...

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