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Dreams And What They Mean

Dreams and What They Mean

Dreams are the unconscious mind’s way of communicating if you are not already listening and communicating with your unconscious mind (subconscious mind, your gut, your intuition, or whatever else you might want to call it).

The unconscious mind is symbolic and not literal – meaning if it wants you to buy a new car your dream is not going to be about buying a new car directly.  And the symbols used in your dream are limited to those that are already available in your mind – if you haven’t already seen it, heard it, felt it or thought it, it cannot be part of your dream.  It’s like a child building a spaceship out of the limited materials at hand.  You don’t see it as a spaceship but that is what it is to them.  Same with your dreams, your mind is building a message for you.  Your job is to figure out what that message really is.

The easiest way to determine what that message is?  Ask.  Now this entails you talking to yourself literally or figuratively – whatever works best for you.  This assumes you believe you have an unconscious mind.  If you don’t or are not sure read this article: The Mind Model.  Just ask yourself, what is it you wanted to tell me with that dream?

Communicating with yourself is easy once you quiet the noise inside your mind.  Some people have a very noisy or busy mind and it’s hard to hear if a message is coming to you.  Mediation or other techniques can help (an article for another day).  But take the time to listen and talk to the rest of you.  You might find you have less dreams and a happier life.

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