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How We Get Deeply Programmed

How We Get Deeply Programmed

The Model of the Mind (see previous articles for more detail) shows that we first Delete, Distort, and Generalize the massive amounts of stimuli (data) that we receive every second of every day using our filters before we think or feel based upon it. The filters we use Time/Space/Matter/Energy, Meta Programs, Language, Memories, Decisions, Values, Beliefs, and Attitudes. Of those I’d like to focus on Beliefs. Beliefs are powerful and they start forming early in our lives…between 3 and 5 years old (give or take a year or two).

During those early years a child is self-centric meaning they think they cause everything that happens around them. So when potentially traumatic events occur like parents getting a divorce a child could believe they caused it. Not only this but these young minds are woefully immature. Now a child will create their whole belief system foundation while lacking the tools of a mature experienced adult. And this is where many faulty beliefs come from.

These foundational beliefs are also extremely strong and resilient. Try as you may, changing and overcome these pillars of self are Herculean tasks for most…unless you use the correct tools – some form of regression therapy. Going back in time (in the mind) to when the belief was first formed and undo it there and releasing it forever.

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