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Remembering Names Can Be Easy

Remembering Names Can Be Easy

Remembering names is easy, isn’t it?

Why is it so many people forget the names of someone they just met? The answer can be many reasons.

Most people are very self-centric. You are meeting someone and you want them to like you so you want to put your best you forward. You are thinking about what to say and what you want to tell them about you. So when they tell you their name you are already thinking about what comes next…

If you want to remember someone’s name try this:

  1. Look at their face and repeat their name out loud
  2. Visually see yourself write it down in your mind and hold it and physically move your eyes up and to the left and see it written there
  3. Visually picture a nametag under their chin and read the name out load again

I have had a few people look at me quizzically or even ask out right, “What are you doing?” And I respond with something like, “I just gave you a name tag in my mind. I want to remember _<repeat their name>_.” Not only do most people feel honored, it’s a great conversation starter.

Happy remembering!

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