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Shockingly Effective Sales Tools

Shockingly Effective Sales Tools

At High Performance YOUniversity we teach the 7 Step Sales Process. With just 7 simple steps you can have control of yours sales again. It’s easy, just get their attention, connect with them, mutually agree to speak, find if there’s value in what you offer to them, test close, handle any objections, and close. That does sound simple. Now, what are those steps again:

  1. Get their attention using a pattern interrupt
  2. Connect with them through rapport
  3. Set the agreement frames
  4. Find value by asking questions
  5. Conditional close if there’s enough value
  6. Handle objections NLP style
  7. Close the sale

Here is a sample of what you would discover at High Performance YOUniversity.

Step 1 – getting someone’s attention:

In our modern day world where attention spans are getting shorter and gaining someone’s attention seems harder and harder, what’s the secret for getting someone’s attention? In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) we call it a pattern interrupt. People have been programmed to quickly get through large amounts of data. They do this partially through generalizing what’s presented to them. When Joe introduces himself as a real estate agent you generalize and put him in the real estate agent box in your mind and whatever he says after that sounds like “blah blah blah”. On the other hand if Joe introduces himself as a Director on an orphanage for homes looking for new buyers your mind has trouble processing that. You have to stop your normal automatic processing and actually think and now Joe has your attention.

Using a pattern interrupt is especially effective in sales. Most prospects automatically expect you to come at them in a certain way – head on. If you interrupt what they expect they will pay more attention to you and then you can get to step 2, which is actually connecting with them.

Pattern interrupts are also a great way to get past resistance. People put up walls and resist certain things. In sales, if they know you are a salesperson they will block you from “selling them”. But they aren’t blocking you from trying to do the opposite – or in NLP lingo, Deframing.

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For more on deframing and Pattern interrupts come to our sales training Selling using Neurology, The Science Behind Sales or speak with one of our coaches.

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