Dawn Legge MP,CH

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Dawn Legge, over achiever, lifelong entrepreneur and leader with a natural gift of working with people and positively impacting anyone around her.

Dawn opened her first business right out of high school and has owned and operated dozens of businesses over the last 18 years. Her innate gift for working with people and providing solutions granted her years of success in sales and marketing. Dawn has a proven track record for breaking into new industries, dominating her market and achieving results. Her interest in human psychology and behavior gave her an edge over anyone else.

In college Dawn studied psychology and never lost the passion for learning about human behavior. Studying psychology Dawn became very curious about the brain itself and how to consistently create high performance results. During Dawn’s studies of excellence she quickly found NLP which opened new doors for understanding the human brain and how we interact with it, more importantly, the tools to have outstanding results. Dawn has been working with people over the last 15 years and has helped hundreds of people achieve more in their life. Her specific areas of interest include high performance techniques, communication tools and techniques and breaking through barriers.

While learning how to perform at a higher level, Dawn learned how to tap into her unconscious mind to intensely focus her intention. Over the years Dawn studied many techniques including NLP, meditation, visual creation, hypnosis and yoga. Dawn combines these tools of empowerment to create a clear future based on intention. Dawn is a certified Yoga Instructor and incorporates empowering hypnosis, visual creation and moving meditation into her Yoga classes. Dawn’s understanding of connecting body to mind accelerates results by having congruent thought and behavior patterns aimed at a specific goal. Combining her knowledge of NLP has supercharged results in her own life and in the lives of her clients.

After selling her last business Dawn opened Leverage Consulting Firm, an NLP based practice helping people communicate to get results, to overcome challenges and to move their life forward, NOW! Dawn has been working with clients one-on-one and teaching in a group setting for over 15 years. Sharing Sales Tools, Communication Techniques and Tools of High Performance is a lifelong passion for Dawn.

Dawn also owns and operates a non-profit benefiting The Children’s Hospital in Aurora, Colorado.

Dawn currently holds these certifications:

Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
Certified Mental & Emotional Release Therapist
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Practitioner of NLP
Certified Hot Yoga Instructor
PSI Seminars
Ordained Minister



Certification for Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming

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