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NLP Freedom From Negative Emotions

Freedom From Your Past

Our goal at High Performance YOUniversity is to have you free from your past, grounded in the now, with an optimistic view of the future.  If you are energetically connected to your past, meaning you have negative emotions on past events, then you are unable to live in the now and have trouble looking to the future optimistically.

How does one become free from the past?  My favorite techniques for this are Time Line Therapy™ or Sacred Alchemy (now called TheQuest).  Both techniques work similarly in that they have you go to a root cause for some issue and then get the learning from that root event.  Once the learnings are gotten the negative emotions charge on that event disappears as well as the whole gestalt [of that emotion].

To understand this further let’s look at the unconscious (subconscious) mind.  One of the jobs of the unconscious mind is to repress negative memories for later processing.  It also brings those memories back up so we can process them but we usually don’t.  So we end up with repressed memories with a negative emotional charge.  Until we process that memory that charge will not be released and we will carry that memory and charge with us thereby connecting us to the past.

So how do we process that memory to release the negative emotional charge?

Let’s first understand what a gestalt is.  This is a storage of a series of the same type of emotional charges.  For instance anger.  A gestalt of anger is a series of events where you felt anger and did not release/process it.  You can readily see this in people who fly into rage at the littlest things.  What is happening is the little thing that triggers them is triggering their whole gestalt of anger.  You can have a gestalt of any emotion, fear, sadness, hurt, guilt, anger, etc.

The root event is an important concept here as well.  In order to release a negative emotion from an event you need to go to that event to release it.  That makes sense.  In order to release the whole gestalt of a particular negative emotion at once you can do so by releasing the first (root) event.  The tricky part of this is that usually the root event is a minor event and so far back in your memory you can’t find it.  You can’t find it consciously that is.  You have to trust your unconscious mind to take you to it.

So this whole process is you working consciously with your unconscious mind.

Once you get your unconscious mind to take you to the root event you ask your unconscious mind this question: “Unconscious mind, what do I need to learn from this event, the learning of which will allow me to easily and effortlessly release all of this emotion from the past?”  Take your time here.  Get all the learnings.  Your unconscious mind is hanging onto this negative emotion for a reason, ask it why?  Once you get the learning your unconscious mind wants you to get the emotion let’s go.  Now you will not lose the memory of the event but there will be no negative charge on that event.

Alternately once you are at that event you can ask yourself the question: “Why did I choose to have this event happen the way that it did?”  That may sound crazy but if you answer that question you have taken control and are no longer a victim and the negative emotional charge will disappear.

Please let us know how this worked for you.  Please comment and or email us with qustions.

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