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Perception Is Projection NLP

Perception is Projection

In our mind we have a model of the world based on the concepts we have chosen to incorporate into that model. Therefore we can only see in others those things we have in ourselves.

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Mind Trash 101 The Mind Model

The Mind Model

What this all means is each person has their own unique set of filters which determines how they see the world – more precisely how they experience the world and react to it. This is why no 2 people see the same event the same way.

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Mind Trash Primer Delete Limiting Beliefs

Mind Trash Primer

As children we are exposed to the world around us but have very limited ability to make sense of it. So we make up what things mean. We create a belief system to help us explain and make sense of these things. But what we don’t realize in our immaturity is that these early beliefs are the foundation for the rest of our lives.

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Welcome To Your Mind

Welcome to your Mind, the Creator of Your Universe

Stuff happens right?  Life Happens.  Moment by moment we are experiencing and reacting to everything that is happening to us, everything we see, hear, touch or feel, taste and smell.  We experience “Events”.  An event can be anything from: winning the lottery, experiencing a first kiss, having lunch in the park with some friends or even something simple like waking …

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Mind Trash 101 Series

Life Experiences Determine Results

If someone is 100% in alignment with what they want they get it. 100% alignment means no inner conflicts at the conscious or unconscious (subconscious) levels of your mind. When there are inner conflicts and not 100% alignment you have competing factions inside yourself. When that happens it is harder for you to achieve your desired results.

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Shockingly Effective Sales Tools

Shockingly Effective Sales Tools

At High Performance YOUniversity we teach the 7 Step Sales Process. With just 7 simple steps you can have control of yours sales again. It’s easy, just get their attention, connect with them, mutually agree to speak, find if there’s value in what you offer to them, test close, handle any objections, and close. That does sound simple. Now, what …

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What Is Neuro Linguistic Programming

What Is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)?

To understand NLP is to understand how the human mind picks up data from our environment with all our senses, filters that data…

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Dr Lance Koberlein Breakfast Smoothiepng

Dr. Lance’s Morning Breakfast Smoothie

Starting the day with some live food is always a great thing.  The following recipe is just what I do.  You are welcome to modify it as you see fit.  I like the carbohydrates so I enjoy adding the sweet fruits and juices.  The real stars of the show are the spinach, apple, carrots and blueberries as well as the …

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Body Language Vs Sensory Acuity

NLP Sensory Acuity vs. Body Language

Body language is all the rage.  You see it in the news, on entertainment shows, and too many other places.  But is it really a science?  Is it worth learning?  How can it really help you get ahead? From the view of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), body language is considered at worst a form of mind reading and at best …

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NLP Gets A Black Eye

NLP Gets a Black Eye

I find it comical when people speak of things that have no acquaintance with.  For instance, last week a WestWord (a hip local Denver free magazine) published a story about one inmate’s (Steven Unruh) stories about another more infamous inmate, James Holmes, the Aurora theater shooter. The author of the story mentions NLP as “presumably, neuro-linguistic programming, a much-scorned and …

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